Josef Šetele  /  (0042) 775 569 427  /  josef.setele@gmail.com
graphic designer, Pilsen, Czech Republic


I was born in a small town in the Czech Republic and found my love for skateboarding at an early age. Totally fascinated by the skateboard industry, which was closely connected with a large community of graphic artists, I started my own creative journey.

Discovering the Graffiti art in the early nineties opened a whole new dimension of creativity to me and naturally shifted my effort to the world of typography.

I turned my hobby into a career in 1999 by joining a new media design agency as a graphic and web designer. Specific needs of the online habitat developed my sense of ergonomic design and shaped my “less is more” creative mindset.

Several seasons later I returned back to the boardsport scene as I joined Horsefeathers snowboard clothing brand as a graphic / apparel designer. I enhanced my skills by designing technical functional sportswear and began to lead the team of creatives, whilst cooperating with garment producers worldwide.

Currently working as a freelance designer, cooperating with several brands and constantly improving my skills. I found my passion and am keeping this dream alive to the present day.